Garden Jnan sbil

Fès, Morocco

Garden Jnan sbil


The Jnan Sbil Gardens (Arabic: جنان السبيل‎; also spelled Jnane Sbile from the French transliteration), also known as the Bou Jeloud Gardens, is public garden in Fez, Morocco, located between Fes el-Jdid and Fes el-Bali, the two sections of the old medina.

According to scholars, the gardens were created in the 19th century by Sultan Moulay Hassan I (ruled 1873-1894), who was responsible for building the walls which connected Fes el-Jdid with Fes el-Bali for the first time.: 296 : 100  (Though regional tourism authorities claim the gardens date to the earlier reign of Moulay Abdallah in the 18th century.) The gardens were placed inside the corridor between these walls, where the sultan also erected new summer palaces, such as the nearby Dar al-Beida ("White Palace" or "White House").

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