Kasbah An-Nouar

Fès, Morocco

Kasbah An-Nouar

The Kasbah An-Nouar or Kasbah Filali is a walled district and former military enclosure in the old medina of Fez, Morocco. Its name means "citadel of the flowers", but it is sometimes also referred to as Kasbah Filala and Kasbah Chorfa. It is one of several fortified military enclosures or kasbahs that were built around the old city of Fez across different periods.

The foundation of the kasbah reportedly dates to the Almohad period when Muhmmad al-Nasir (12th century) rebuilt the fortifications of Fez. It is likely that it took its present form, however, during the Alaouite period, when it acquired its association with the Filala (settlers from the Tafilalt region).

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