Kasbah Cherarda

Fès, Morocco

Kasbah Cherarda

Kasbah Cherarda (Arabic: قصبة شراردة‎) is a kasbah in the city of Fez, Morocco, located on the northern outskirts of Fes el-Jdid. It was initially referred to as Kasbah el-Khemis, the "Thursday Fort" (Arabic: قصبة الخمس‎) as there was an open market held every Thursday outside the wall.

The name cherarda (or sherarda) originates from the name of an Arab tribe whose qaid had also previously built a kasbah here in order to protect the tribe's granaries.: 295–296  The current kasbah was created by the Alaouite sultan Mulay al-Rashid after he took over the city in 1666, acting as a garrison fort to house his tribal troops (referred to as guich or "army" tribes). It covers a large rectangular area measuring 400 by 550 meters.: 294  The tribe of Ashrafah occupied the fortress during the war between the Sultan and his brother Mohammed, before being deported. It constituted one of a number of similar fortifications established across the outskirts of Fes throughout the city's history. Today the kasbah is occupied by a hospital, a high school, and, since 1959-60, a branch or annex of the University of al-Qarawiyyin.

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