Sba'iyyin Madrasa

Fès, Morocco

Sba'iyyin Madrasa

The Sba'iyyin Madrasa or Madrasa as-Sba'iyyin (also spelled Sbaiyin or Sebaaiyyine; Arabic: مدرسة السباعيين‎) is a historic madrasa in the medina of Fes, Morocco. It is located in the Andalous quarter of Fes el-Bali, next to the al-Andalus Mosque. It was founded in 1323 by Abu al-Hassan and adjoins the larger Sahrij Madrasa, which was founded just before it. Together, the two madrasas served to teach and lodge students in the vicinity of the main mosque.

The madrasa was built during the Marinid era, when many of Fes's historic madrasas were built. It was commissioned in 1323 by Abu al-Hassan, who later became sultan but at that time was only a prince and heir apparent to his father, Sultan Abu Sa'id Uthman II. The madrasa was initially known as Madrasa al-Sughra (the "Lesser/Smaller Madrasa") because it was built as a complement to the larger Madrasa al-Kubra ("Greater Madrasa"), later known as the Madrasa as-Sahrij. It eventually came to be known as the Madrasa as-Sba'iyyin (roughly: "Madrasa of those who teach the Seven Recitations of the Qur'an") presumably due to the madrasa's specialization in teaching the seven canonical methods of reciting the Qur'an. Together, the Madrasa as-Sahrij and the Madrasa as-Sba'iyyin provided both lodging and teaching for students studying at the nearby Andalus Mosque, much as the Seffarine and al-Attarine Madrasas served students at the al-Qarawiyyin Mosque across the river. The madrasas were also accompanied by another funduq or hospice, but this has since disappeared.

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