Biblioteca Riccardiana

Florence, Italy

Biblioteca Riccardiana

The Biblioteca Riccardiana (Riccardian Library) is a library in Florence, Italy. The library is located adjacent to the Palazzo Medici Riccardi. The main facade of Michelozzo's Medici Riccardi palace is on Via Camillo Cavour (corner of Via de' Gori), while Riccardiana library's main but unimposing entrance and facade is located on Via de' Ginori, parallel and northeast of Cavour. The rear of the Medici palace has a small polygonal private garden, whose north side also has an entrance to the library.

The library was established in 1600 by Riccardo Romolo Riccardi, of the prominent Riccardi family, who himself had scholarly interests. In 1659, Gabriello and his nephew Francesco Riccardi purchased the Medici palace by Michelozzo, now renamed Medici Riccardi Palace. For the next three decades, they employed prominent architects/artists such as Tacca, Pier Maria Baldi, and Giovanni Battista Foggini in decorating and restructuring the palace. In 1682-1685, Giordano was employed to fresco ceilings of the library with allegories designed by Alessandro Segni.

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