Monument to Daniele Manin, Florence

Florence, Italy

Monument to Daniele Manin, Florence

The Monument to Daniele Manin is located on Viale dei Colli in Piazzale Galileo in the neighborhood of Arcetri in the outskirts of Oltrarno in Florence, region of Tuscany, Italy.

In 1862, Venetians in Florence, who found themselves in exile after the Austrian reconquest of Venice planned to erect a monument to the patriot Daniele Manin (1804–1857). After the incorporation of Venice into Italy in 1866 the project was revived. After a contest, the statue was commissioned (1888) from the Venetian sculptor Urbano Nono. It was cast in 1889 by the Micheli foundry in Venice, and inaugurated in place in the center of Piazza d'Ognissanti in 1890, a piazza then renamed for Daniele Manin. In 1931 the architect Alfredo Lenzi of the Office of Fine Arts of the Comune of Florence banished the statue to piazzale Galileo, on the grounds that limited the enjoyment of the ancient architecture, then decided in 1937 to install the bronze statue of Hercules strangling the Nemean Lion by Romano Romanelli. The theme of this statue, a classical European hero subduing a barbaric African beast, appealed to the Fascist authorities engaged in the colonial subjugation of African people.

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