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Foshan (佛山 Fahtsāan in Cantonese, Fóshān in Mandarin) is an industrial city in Guangdong. Though it has about seven million people, it is relatively little known and feels almost like an extension of Guangzhou; hence the saying "Guangzhou and Foshan are the same city" (广佛同城). It is regarded to be the birthplace of Cantonese opera. Perhaps its biggest claim to fame is as the birthplace of famous martial artists Wong Fei-hung (黄飞鸿) and Ip Man (叶问), the latter of whom was the martial arts teacher of Chinese-American film star Bruce Lee. It is also known for being the ancestral home of Bruce Lee.

Shunde is a district of Foshan, one of the wealthiest areas in mainland China, and a popular destination for foodies.

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