Pont du Mont-Blanc

Geneva, Switzerland

Pont du Mont-Blanc

The Pont du Mont-Blanc, sometimes anglicized as Mont Blanc Bridge, is a major bridge in Geneva. It connect the quarters of the left banks of the Rh么ne to those of the right banks. It is a major north鈥搒outh road axis in the Canton of Geneva, since its inauguration in 1862. The bridge is about 250 metre-long. The bridge is named after Mont Blanc, the highest massif in the Alps, well visible from Geneva.

The bridge notably marks the transition between Lake Geneva, in particular the Geneva Harbor (Rade de Gen猫ve), and the Rh么ne. On the National Map of Switzerland, the water on its left is indicated as river and the water on its right is indicated as lake. A few metres west of the bridge (in the Rh么ne) is the Ile Rousseau.

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