George Town, Malaysia

George Town is the capital city of the Malaysian state of Penang. It is Malaysia's second largest city, with a population of about 708,000 as of 2010. Founded as an entrepôt in 1786, it was the first British settlement in Southeast Asia. Over the centuries, the city has evolved into a melting pot of sorts and is now home to a cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic populace. Due to its unique architecture, the old core of the city is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. George Town is also regarded as the culinary capital of Malaysia.

The city of George Town has a diverse set of attractions. Aside from George Town's living heritage, colonial-era buildings interspersed with towering skyscrapers, modern shopping malls and other amenities, the city is lined with sandy, tranquil beaches. Penang Hill, a well-known hill resort, overlooks the entirety of the city. George Town, a city filled with various festivities in any given year, has gained popularity for its arts scene as well, with the annual George Town Festival growing into one of the region's most prominent arts event.

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