Flat Bastion Magazine

Gibraltar, Gibraltar

Flat Bastion Magazine

The Flat Bastion Magazine is a 19th-century magazine in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. It is located within the Flat Bastion, a fortification that projects from the 16th century Charles V Wall at the former southern limit of the city. Flat Bastion Road extends through the bastion, just to the west of the magazine, south of which it becomes Gardiner's Road. Flat Bastion Magazine was constructed to store gunpowder, but eventually lay abandoned for years. While the Government of Gibraltar initially planned to develop it for parking, geology enthusiast Freddie Gomez and a colleague restored the building, which is now used as a geological research facility and exhibition centre. Both the Flat Bastion and the Flat Bastion Magazine are listed with the Gibraltar Heritage Trust. In addition, Gomez received the 2001 Heritage Award for the restoration of the building.

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