Gallowgate Barracks

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Gallowgate Barracks

Gallowgate Barracks were built in 1795. They were located at the east end of the Gallowgate, Glasgow, Scotland, and occupied in the year they were built.

The barracks, often referred to as Glasgow Barracks, were built in 1795 at a cost of £15,000, and could accommodate up to 1,000 men. Before their construction, soldiers had been billeted with the town's inhabitants. The buildings were erected on the site of the city butts, where the burghers of medieval Glasgow had practised archery and were required to gather at the time of the wapinshaws (weapon shows), to present their arms and armour for inspection. The newly opened Barrack Street was its eastern boundary. It is unclear as to whether the land had been owned by the 'Town and University' and was sold to the Government for a token payment, or if the military were only allowed the use of the land, not sold it, and that it should have been returned to the original owners after it was no longer required. Historians noted that people were suspicious of the Government's motives for establishing military barracks throughout the country. This was a time of great concern for the Government. Social unrest throughout Europe had culminated in the French Revolution of 1789 and the ensuing war with France and there had been riots in the area during the Weavers Strike of 1787.

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