Gothenburg, Sweden


Nordstan is a shopping centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is the largest shopping centre in Sweden in terms of revenue, and with approximately 180 shops and 150 offices. The shopping centre's total area is about 320,000 m2 (3,400,000 sq ft) divided into nine interconnected buildings, where retail and restaurant floor space makes up around 70,000 m2 (750,000 sq ft). The covered streets and squares comprise 8,000 m2 (86,000 sq ft). The companies housed in Nordstan employ approximately six thousand people and the total annual turnover was SEK 4.1 billion in 2013. The main passageways in the centre are public spaces and therefore are open for use after shops have closed. The character of the centre changes after closing time of the shops. The presence of adults is drastically reduced and the premises become a hangout for youth.

During the emigration to America from the 1860s to the 1920s, the area of Nordstan was a lively part of city. Emigrants passed here between the Gothenburg Central Station and the ships waiting at the Port of Gothenburg to the west.

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