Gate of the Pomegranates

Granada, Spain

Gate of the Pomegranates

The Gate of the Pomegranates (Spanish: Puerta de las Granadas) is an historical access point of a pathway that leads through the Forest of the Alhambra to the Nasrid palace that is the Alhambra, located in the city of Granada, Spain. The path starts in the city centre, Plaza Nueva, and continues up the Cuesta de Gom茅rez, before reaching the monument.

The gate was constructed in the style of Roman triumphal arches, with a classic front fa莽ade, making it the main entrance to the walled enclosure of the Alhambra. Built during the Spanish Renaissance, under the command of Emperor Charles V, the gate is made out of bonded stone carved with Florentine designs without roughing, which highlights the ashlars of the construction.

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