Hammam Al Ándalus Granada

Granada, Spain

Hammam Al Ándalus Granada


The Bañuelo or El Bañuelo (a diminutive of Spanish baño "bath"), also known as the Baño del Nogal ("Bath of the Walnut") or Hammam al-Yawza, is a preserved historic hammam (Islamic bathhouse) in Granada, Spain. It is located in the Albaicin quarter of the city, on the banks of the Darro River. It was used as a bathhouse up until the 16th century at least, before becoming defunct and being converted to other uses. In the 20th century it underwent numerous restorations by Spanish experts and is now open as a tourist attraction.

Bathhouses (hammams) of this type were a common feature of Muslim cities across the Muslim world, serving both a social and religious purpose. They assisted Muslims in the performance of ablutions, especially the full-body ablutions or ghusl, which were required for certain situations. They also served the general purpose of hygiene as well as being a place for socialization. Their layout and function was modeled on the Roman bathhouses which preceded them and which had already been part of urban life in the region for generations.

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