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Dar al-Horra (Arabic: دار الحرة; Spanish: Palacio de Dar al-Horra) is a former 15th-century Nasrid palace located in the Albaicín quarter of Granada, Spain. Since the early 16th century it was used as part of the Monastery of Santa Isabel la Real. It is now a historic monument.

The palace is dated to the 15th century when Granada was the capital of the last Muslim Emirate on the Iberian Peninsula, under the leadership of the Nasrid dynasty. It was probably built under the reign of Yusuf III (1408–1417). Near the end of the dynasty, the palace was used as a residence by Aisha al-Horra (or Aixa), the wife of Sultan Abu'l-Hasan Ali (also known as "Muley Hacén"; ruled 1464–1482 and 1483–1485) and mother of the last Nasrid sultan, Muhammad XII (also known as "Boabdil"; ruled 1482–1483 and 1487–1492). The name "Dar al-Horra" ("House of the Free Woman") comes from this association. The palace is located atop the hill of the Albaicin neighbourhood, which was formerly the site of the Alcazaba al-Qadima, the former palace and citadel of the Zirid rulers during the period of the Taifa kingdoms in the 11th century. There is some suggestion that the palace was originally part of the Zirid palace, but this has not been substantiated with evidence.

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