Sephardic Museum (Granada)

Granada, Spain

Sephardic Museum (Granada)

The Sephardic Museum in Granada, officially the Jewish Quarter Museum (Spanish: Museo de la Judería), is a small museum in the city of Granada, Spain, dedicated to the recreation of the culture, history, people and traditions of the Sephardic Jews of Jewish Granada. The museum, a private initiative, occupies a typical house in the Realejo – the Jewish quarter of Granada before the expulsion of the Jews in 1492.

Jews have been present in Granada for more than fifteen centuries, during which –and especially during the golden age of Andalusian Jews– they provided the city with many relevant figures, including scientists, writers, politicians and artisans, such as Samuel Ibn Naghrillah, who endowed the city with a system of public baths, or Judah ibn Tibbon, physician, translator, politician and poet.

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