Corral del Carbón

Granada, Spain

Corral del Carbón


The Corral del Carbón, originally al-Funduq al-Jadida, is a 14th-century historic building in the Spanish city of Granada (Andalusia). It is the only Nasrid alhóndiga or funduq (a commercial warehouse or inn) preserved in the Iberian peninsula. The building is located south of the Albaicin quarter, near the present-day Cathedral (formerly the city's Great Mosque).

The building dates from the Nasrid period but the exact date of its construction is not known. It is believed to be from the early 14th century, before 1336 (when it is mentioned in some historical documents). Its original name was al-Funduq al-Jadida or "the New Inn/Warehouse". Like other urban caravanserais (known as funduqs in al-Andalus and Morocco) at that time, it was a commercial and trading center serving as a warehouse for grain and as an inn and storage facility for merchants from outside the city. The existence of caravanserais can be traced in part from the Greek pandocheion structures (from which the word funduq derives), through the later Roman horreum until Islamic times. While most funduqs in al-Andalus were modest buildings which have since disappeared, the Funduq al-Jadida reportedly belonged to the wives of the Nasrid sultans and thus had a more monumental appearance.

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