Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo

Granada, Spain

Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo


The Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo is a former Nasrid palace and convent in Granada, Spain. It is located in the Realejo quarter of the city.

The original construction of the palace is believed to date from the reign of Muhammad II (ruled 1273–1302) and a recent dendrochronological study has dated the wooden ceiling to after 1283. This makes it one of the earliest surviving palace structures built by the Nasrid dynasty and was originally known as the Dar al-Manjara al-Kubra ("House of the Great Wooden Wheel"). Located on the edge of the city walls, it was used as a royal country estate residence by the Nasrid dynasty, probably for short visits. Its style shows similarities to later Nasrid buildings and to other buildings built under the Zayyanids and Marinids in North Africa in the same period, suggesting that the same craftsmen were likely worked for patrons across the region.

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