Departement de L Isere

Grenoble, France

Departement de L Isere


The Musée dauphinois (Dauphinois Museum), located in Grenoble (France), is dedicated to the ethnography, archaeology, history and society of the former province of the Dauphiné. Situated above the neighbourhood of Saint-Laurent in the listed historic monument of Sainte-Marie d’en-Haut, the Musée dauphinois is an accredited “Musée de France“ (Museum of France) and takes part in the Long Night of Museums.

Founded in 1906, the Musée dauphinois was the third museum in Grenoble, after the Musée-bibliotèque (Museum Library) and the Musée d’histoire naturelle (Natural History Museum). The museum has occupied two different historical 17th century buildings: the former chapel of Sainte-Marie d’en-Bas from 1906 to 1968 and the present site of the former convent of Sainte-Marie d’en-Haut.

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