De Eendracht, Gieterveen

Groningen, Netherlands

De Eendracht, Gieterveen


De Eendracht (Dutch pronunciation: [də ˈʔeːndrɑxt]) is a tower mill in Gieterveen, Drenthe, the Netherlands. It was built in 1904 and is listed as a Rijksmonument, No. 16132.

The previous mill on this site was a smock mill originally built at Nieuw-Buinen and moved to Gieterveen in 1877 by millwright H Wiertsma of Scheemda, Groningen. In April 1904, the mill burnt down. The present tower mill was built by millwright Christiaan Bremer of Middelstum, Groningen, with the foundation stone being laid on 5 March 1905. The first owner was G Ketelaar. He sold the mill on 14 October 1905 to J Mulder for ƒ4,425. In 1939, one pair of Common sails were replaced with Patent sails. These were replaced with Common sails in 1958. The mill underwent a restoration in 1978 and again in 2002. On the death of miller Johannes Mulder in 2002, the mill was bequeathed to De Molenstichting Drenthe (English:The Drenthe Mills Society). The mill was returned to working order in 1005, but it was clear that a lot of work needed doing. The cap was removed in April 2007. The tower needed substantial repairs, and a steel "corset" was placed around the tower while repairs were made. The new cap was fitted in October 2007. The millwrights were Fabrikaat Dunning of Zuidbroek, Groningen. A new pair of Patent sails were fitted in 2008.

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