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Guatemala City, Guatemala

Relief Map


The Relief Map of Guatemala (in Spanish: Mapa en Relieve de Guatemala) is a huge relief map of Guatemala erected at ground level on two scales: 1: 10,000 for the horizontal extension and 1: 2,000 for the vertical, on an approximate surface of 1,800 square meters.

The Map was built in 18 months, from April 19, 1904 to October 29, 1905, with brick, mortar and a cement lining by the Guatemalan lieutenant colonel and engineer Francisco Vela on behalf of the then President of Guatemala Manuel Estrada Cabrera with the support of engineer Claudio Urrutia, who already had the topographical data of the Republic of Guatemala. The base is made of stone and pumice stone was placed in the spaces corresponding to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The contours are brick, the lines of the railroads made of lead and bridges made of steel.

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