Győr, Hungary

Győr ([ˈɟøːr], German: Raab, Slovak: Ráb, Croatian: Jura Đura, Serbian: Ђер/Djerba) is a city in Western Transdanubia in Hungary. It is the capital of Győr-Moson-Sopron county. The city is the sixth largest in Hungary, with around 128,000 inhabitants.

Győr is in the northwestern part of Hungary, close to the Slovakian and Austrian borders in the middle of the 'Golden Triangle' between Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna. It is a good stop between Vienna and Budapest or Sopron and Budapest, and also a good base for day trips throughout almost the whole North Transdanubian region. It has very good train and bus connections, and the motorway that passes to its south enables easy travel to Vienna and Budapest.

Győr Tours & Activities