Haifa City Museum

Haifa, Israel

Haifa City Museum

The Haifa City Museum was inaugurated in November 2000 as the historical City Museum. Its location, at the edge of Haifa’s German Colony and near the historical part of the city, affords a view of a rich and complex urban fabric that reveals the historical diversity of the city’s different populations. As part of the museum’s cultural activities, it mounts exhibitions on themes related to the city's physical and spiritual core. Historically, Haifa has been a hub of different cultures and a meeting point between East and West. Set at its heart and attentive to its different aspects, the museum opens a space for socio-political debates that emerge in the urban environment.

The Haifa city museum resides in the German Colony at a compound that includes two buildings from the Templers' period. “Beit Ha’am”, the first Templar building to be built in Palestine that was once the community center of the historic German Colony, Haifa.

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