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Merkaz HaCarmel (Hebrew: מרכז הכרמל) also called Carmel Merkazi (Hebrew: כרמל מרכזי) or in English, Carmel Center, is a neighborhood, and cultural and recreation area on the slopes of Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel.

Until the mid-19th century Mount Carmel was largely uninhabited, except for temporary accommodation of shepherds and hermits, because it was far from the coast – and the walled Old Haifa. Ownership of the land was divided between the state, the Carmelite Order, and residents of the Arab village of Al Tira (which is today the city of Tirat Carmel). The mountain became famous for its uneven road, known as the "High Road" (as opposed to the "Lower Road" now called "Derekh Hahagana").

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