Historic Properties

Halifax, Canada

Historic Properties


The Historic Properties (also known as Privateers' Wharf) are warehouses on the Halifax Boardwalk in Halifax, Nova Scotia that began to be constructed during the Napoleonic Wars by Nova Scotian businessmen such as Enos Collins, a privateer, smuggler and shipper whose vessels defied Napoleon's blockade to bring American supplies to the British commander Duke of Wellington. These properties helped make Halifax prosperous in Canada's early days by aiding trade and commerce, but they were also frequently used as vehicles for smuggling and privateering. During the War of 1812, two of the most successful Nova Scotian privateer ships during this time period were the Liverpool Packet and the Sir John Sherbrooke.

Folk singer Stan Rogers made the Privateers Wharf famous in his songs "Barrett's Privateers" and "Bluenose". The Pontac House is named for the renowned Great Pontack (Halifax), which was located there just after the founding of Halifax (1749).

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