St. George's (Round) Church (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Halifax, Canada

St. George's (Round) Church (Halifax, Nova Scotia)


St. George's (Anglican) Round Church is a wooden round church in the neo-Classical Palladian style located in Halifax Regional Municipality in Downtown Halifax. Construction on the church began in 1800 thanks in large part to the financial backing of the British royal family. The church’s primary architect remains a mystery, but Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn (and father of Queen Victoria) was highly influential & involved in the design process. It is located at the corner of Brunswick and Cornwallis Streets in the North End district. The church was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1983 given its associations with the early history of Halifax and its Palladian architecture.

The congregation of the Round Church was founded at the much smaller Little Dutch (Deutsch) Church, located just a few blocks north at the corner of Brunswick and Gerrish Streets. The Little Dutch Church was founded by German Lutherans who had settled in Halifax by special command by Edward Cornwallis, who deemed the other settlers of Halifax to be unsatisfactory for founding a church. These "Foreign Protestants", who were among the founding members of Halifax, started construction on the Little Dutch Church in 1756. These settlers used a house they had acquired after trading lumber and converted it into a one-room church, known as a “saalkirche”. Construction on the pioneer church was finished in 1758 and the steeple and belfry were later added in 1760.

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