Jingci Temple

Hangzhou, China

Jingci Temple


Jingci Temple (simplified Chinese: 净慈寺; traditional Chinese: 淨慈寺; pinyin: Jìngcí Sì) is located at the foot of Huiri Peak of Nanping Hill. It is the second prominent Buddhist temple beside West Lake in Hangzhou, China. Together with Lingyin Temple, it is called the jewel of the southern and northern hills. The temple was claimed as a key national Buddhist temple in Han areas by the State Council in 1983.

The temple is situated on the western shore of West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple's main hall houses a statue of Sakyamuni Buddha and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and pavilions. Jingci Temple is an important cultural and religious site in China and attracts many visitors each year.

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