Bismarck Tower (Hanover)

Hannover, Germany

Bismarck Tower (Hanover)

The Bismarck Tower in Hanover, Germany was a tower erected as a monument to the first Chancellor of the united German nation Otto von Bismarck for patriotic and nationalistic purposes, which then became a hub for national socialist events in the city until its dismantlement in 1935 as part of the building of the Maschsee.

As part of the growing "Bismarck Cult" in Germany that saw his popularity after his removal from office soar, the national student union had first launched a competition to design a Bismarck Tower in March 1898 to honour him. Their chosen design of the "G├Âtterd├Ąmmerung" ('Twilight of the Gods') created by Wilhelm Kreis was selected in 1899 and became the standard model for all such monuments.

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