Hanover Fairground

Hannover, Germany

Hanover Fairground

The Hanover Fairground (in German: Messegel├Ąnde Hannover) is an exhibition area in the Mittelfeld district of Hanover, Germany. Featuring 496,000 m┬▓ (5.3 million sq.ft.) of covered indoor space, 58,000 m┬▓ (624,306 sq ft) of open-air space, 27 halls and pavilions and a convention centre with 35 function rooms, it is the largest exhibition ground in the world.

The area of the fairground originally was an aircraft works. After World War II, the British military government in Allied-occupied Germany wanted to hold a trade fair and sought for a good place, since Leipzig, the traditional fairground of Germany, was unavailable, being in the Soviet occupation zone. The hangars in Laatzen, south of Hanover, were deemed suitable for this purpose, and so the Hanover Fair, then named Exportmesse 1947 was first held in 1947 to promote the economic recovery in the Bizone. The concept proved to be successful, and so a permanent fairground was established, growing over the years.

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