Havis Amanda

Helsinki, Finland

Havis Amanda


Havis Amanda is a fountain and a statue in Helsinki, Finland by the sculptor Ville Vallgren (1855–1940). The work was modelled in 1906 in Paris, and erected at its present location at the Market Square in Kaartinkaupunki in 1908. Today it is recognized as one of the most important and beloved pieces of art in Helsinki.

The Havis Amanda is one of Vallgren's Parisian Art Nouveau works. Cast in bronze, it rests on a fountain made of granite. The sculpture is of a mermaid standing on seaweed as she rises from the water, with four fish spouting water at her feet, surrounded by four sea lions. Vallgren's intention was to symbolize the rebirth of Helsinki. The height of the statue is 1.94 metres (6 ft 4 in) and with the pedestal it stands 5 metres (16 ft) tall. According to Vallgren's letters the model for the statue was a then 19-year-old Parisian woman, Marcelle Delquini.

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