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Nordfeld is a manor house on the island of Møn in southeastern Denmark. The estate was created in 1774 but the current, Neo-Gothica main building is from 1876.

The entire island of Møn was up until the second half of the 18th century crown land. Nordfeld is one of many manor houses in eastern Denmark that was created when Frederick V and later Christian VII began to sell off crown land as part of the agricultural reforms of the time. The intention was to sell the land to the local tenant farmers but Count Conrad Holck and Tyge Thygesen, who were put in charge of the sale, were opposed to the reforms. They divided Møn into five large estates which were sold in auction in 1770. The local farmers showed up in large numbers at the auction to buy the entire island but only managed to buy three of the estates due to a requirement that guarantees for the payment should be provided the following morning at 10 am at the latest. Nordfeld was therefore not sold until a new auction was held in March 1774. After Johan Friedrich Struense's progressive government had been replaced by a more conservative one, it was no longer possible for farmers to buy manors and Nordfeld was instead acquired by Jørgen Wichfeld. He immediately constructed a new manor house on the land.

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