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Hondarribia (Spanish: Fuenterrabía) is a fishing town in the province of Guipuzcoa, Basque Country of Spain on the Bay of Txingudi, by the border with France. It is the last remaining walled town in Guipuzcoa.

Hondarribia has been settled since the time of the Romans, and became a full-fledged village in the 13th century. As a town historically on the border, whether between Navarre and Castille, or between Spain and France, Hondarribia has enjoyed a tumultuous past. After citizens sought protection under the Castilian crown in 1203, Hondarribia became a point of conflict between Castille and the kingdom of Navarre, supported by France. The town was repeatedly besieged by French and Navarran forces throughout the 1300s up until the Thirty Years' War in the mid 1600s, when Spain and France reconciled their borders under the Treaty of the Pyrenees. After the signing of this treaty (which fixed the French border to its current state), Hondarribia remained a border town, across the Bay from France.

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