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Hvalpsund is a ferry port in Himmerland with a population of 639 (1 January 2021), located 20 km west of Aalestrup, 12 km southwest of Farsø and 25 km southwest of Aars. The city belongs to the municipality of Vesthimmerland Municipality and is located in the Region Nordjylland.

The first royal license to drive a ferry on the river is from 1532. Because of The strong stream was the ferry a kind of pram that was soaked by 4 men. In 1549 the king, Christian III ordered the ferry to be established and a ferry house was to be built for the roadmembers. On July 20, 1669, Hvalpsund Færgekro Royal Copenhagen was privileged, and the kromand was responsible for both the ferry and the inn, as he had already done for some years. Only in 1716 was the crown a decisive body of privilege, which also gave him the right to serve food, beer and brandy for local residents.

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