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Hvolsvöllur (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈkʰvɔlsˌvœtlʏr̥, ˈxʷɔls-]) is a small town in the south of Iceland about 106 km to the east of Reykjavík.

The name of the town literally translates to "Hillfield". Hvoll [ˈkʰvɔtl̥, ˈxʷɔtl̥] (hvols [ˈkʰvɔls, ˈxʷɔls] in the genitive case) is an archaic form of the modern Icelandic word hóll [ˈhoutl̥], meaning "hill", and völlur [ˈvœtlʏr̥] means "field". The name is derived from the name of the historic farm Stórólfshvoll ([ˈstouːroul(f)sˌkʰvɔtl̥, -ˌxʷɔtl̥], "Stórólfur's hill").

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