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Ibagué is the capital city of the Tolima department. It is on the eastern slopes of the Cordillera Central and known as the musical city of Colombia, due to its famous conservatory. At 1250 m above sea-level, it has a spring-like climate. Ibagué is a starting point for travellers who wish to do the Nevado del Tolima trek. Apart from that, it's a small, safe, friendly city with a special charm, although there's not an awful lot to do here.

Ibagué is a 4-hour bus journey from Bogotá, a 3-hour bus journey from Armenia, a 5-hour bus ride from Medellín and a 2-hour bus journey from Honda. Numerous companies serve these routes. The journey to Armenia involves going over the la linea and is notorious for accidents and landslides. Avoid doing this part of the journey at night or in a small minibus.

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