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El Drago, also known as Drago Milenario and Drago de Icod de los Vinos, is the oldest and largest living specimen of Dracaena draco, or dragon tree, in Parque del Drago, Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife, Spain. It is said to be a thousand years old, although the age is disputed. It is one of the symbols of Tenerife, and was declared a national monument in 1917.

It is the largest and oldest living specimen of Dracaena draco (common name dragon tree). It is in Parque del Drago, Icod de los Vinos in Tenerife. It is around 20–21 metres (66–69 ft) tall, with a circumference around 20 metres (66 ft). It has over 300 main branches. The trunk contains a 6-metre-high (20 ft) cavity accessible by a door, with a fan installed to provide ventilation. It is estimated to weigh around 140 tonnes (150 short tons). When it flowered in 1995, it had around 1,800 flowering branches, with its weight increasing by 3.5 tonnes (3.9 short tons) during the fruiting season.

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