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Inkpen is a village and civil parish in West Berkshire 3.5 miles (5.6 km) southeast of Hungerford, most of the land of which is cultivated fields with scattered woodland which was once part of a former forest known as Savernake. Inkpen has boundaries with Wiltshire and Hampshire, including part of Walbury Hill, the highest point in England's South East.

The earliest record of Inkpen is in the Cotton Charter viii, dated between 931 and 939. This includes the will of a Saxon thegn named Wulfgar, whose name means "wolf-spear". Wulfgar owned "land at inche penne" which he "had from Wulfric, who had it from Wulfhere who first owned it", his father and grandfather respectively. Wulfgar left this to be divided amongst named heirs: three quarters to his wife, Aeffe, the other quarter to "the servants of God" at the holy place in Kintbury. Following Aeffe's death, her share was also to go to the holy place at Kintbury "for the souls of Wulfgar, Wulfric and Wulfhere".

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