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Ioulis or Ioulida (Greek: Ιουλίς, Ιουλίδα; Ancient Greek: Ἰουλίς), locally called Chora or Hora (Greek: Χώρα) like the main towns of most Greek islands, and sometimes known by the island name of Kea or Keos (or earlier Zea), is the capital of the island of Kea in the Cyclades. It has a population of 633 inhabitants according to the 2011 Greek census.

The Ioulida of today, while popular with both tourists and middle-class Athenians, is relatively unspoiled in that cars must be left at the entrance of the town, and "life is pretty much the way it has always been." As in Korissia, "the architectural style is not like the typical Cycladic. The heart of Chora is the square with the grand city hall."

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