Aviation Martyrs' Monument

Istanbul, Turkey

Aviation Martyrs' Monument

The Aviation Martyrs' Monument (Turkish: Hava ┼×ehitleri An─▒t─▒ or formerly Tayyare ┼×ehitleri Abidesi), located in Fatih district of Istanbul, Turkey, is a memorial dedicated to the first soldiers of the Ottoman Airforce to be killed in flight accidents. In Turkey, one use of the term "martyr" is as an honorific for people killed in action during war.

The monument was commissioned right after the consecutive crash of two monoplanes in Palestine, killing three of the four military aviators who were on an expedition flight from Istanbul to Alexandria in early 1914. The monument, in form of a column, was inaugurated in 1916. A military memorial ceremony is held in front of the monument every year on Martyrs' Day.

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