Bayezid II Hamam

Istanbul, Turkey

Bayezid II Hamam

The Bayezid II Hamam (Turkish: Beyazıt Hamamı) is a historic bathhouse (hamam) in Istanbul, Turkey. It is one of the largest hamams in the city. It was historically part of the külliye (religious and charitable complex) of the Bayezid II Mosque located nearby.:130​ The hamam is located on Divanyolu Street, a short distance west of the mosque.

The Bayezid II Mosque and külliye is among the oldest examples of an imperial mosque and charitable complex in Istanbul (preceded only by the Fatih Mosque and complex). The mosque was constructed between 1500 and 1505, its medrese (madrasa) was completed in 1507, and it also included an imaret (public kitchen), a caravanserai, and several mausoleums (türbes). The architect of the complex is not firmly established but Yakubşah ibn Islamşah is cited by some scholars as the most likely chief architect, with the other candidate being Hayreddin, though at least one of Yakubşah's assistant architects succeeded him to finish the medrese. The Bayezid Hamam is mentioned in historical documents in 1507, meaning it must have been completed before this date. Soon after construction the hamam was donated to a vakfiye (waqf) for another külliye commissioned by Gülbahar Hatun, Bayezid's wife and the mother of Selim I. (Though there is some confusion on this point, with some sources saying that Gülbahar commissioned the hamam herself and donated it to Bayezid II's complex.) Fragments of the ancient triumphal column from the adjacent Forum of Theodosius have been discovered built into the hammam's foundation.

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