Cafer Aga Madrasa

İstanbul, Turkey

Cafer Aga Madrasa



phone  (0212) 513 36 01

The Caferağa Medresseh (Turkish: Caferağa Medresesi) is a former medrese, located in Istanbul, Turkey, next to the Hagia Sophia. It was built in 1559 by Mimar Sinan by orders of Cafer Ağa, a Babüssade (tr) agha during the reign of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent (1520-1566). The medrese, listed within the independent medreses and having had a number of restorations until today, was transformed by the Turkish Cultural Service Foundation in 1989 into a tourist centre with 15 classrooms/exhibition rooms, a big salon and a garden where traditional Turkish handicrafts such as calligraphy, ceramics, jewelry and so forth are taught, made and sold.