Cantemir Palace in Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Cantemir Palace in Istanbul

The Palace of Dimitrie Cantemir (Romanian: Palatul lui Dimitrie Cantemir; Turkish: Dimitri Kantemir Saray) was a palace owned by the Prince of Moldavia Dimitrie Cantemir in Istanbul, located on the grounds of the present-day Ortaköy Mosque.

The structure, located along the pier that nowadays hosts the Ortaköy Mosque, was bought by Cantemir sometimes immediately after 1683 (the Battle of Vienna) from a brother of the Grand Vizier, and expanded in 1690-1691 and 1693–1694. A depiction of the palace made by Cantemir himself is found in Nicolas Tindal's translation of his work History of the Growth and Decay of the Ottoman Empire.

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