Galleria Ataköy

Istanbul, Turkey

Galleria Ataköy

Galleria Ataköy, the first modern shopping mall in Turkey, is situated in the western suburb of Ataköy, Istanbul. It was built following the recommendation of then Prime Minister Turgut Özal, who was inspired by the shopping mall Houston Galleria in Houston, Texas, United States. Galleria Ataköy was opened in 1988 by Turgut Özal.

Galleria Ataköy reflected the changing face of Turkey in the late 1980s and became a symbol of modern life with the stores selling a wide range of goods, most of them imported, cafés and restaurants, which made going there a popular day out. At weekends in particular, people rushed to Galleria from all over the city. Due to its close distance to Ataköy Yacht Marina and Atatürk International Airport, Galleria was also very popular for tourists. For several years, Galleria was without any competitor, but it blazed a trail down as other shopping malls were opened in Istanbul.

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