Neorion Harbour

Istanbul, Turkey

Neorion Harbour

The Neorion Harbour (Greek: Λιμὴν τοῦ Νεωρίου or Λιμὴν τῶν Νεωρίων) was a harbour in the city of Constantinople, active from the foundation of the city in the 4th century until the late Ottoman period. It was the first port to be built in Constantinople after its re-foundation by Constantine the Great, and the second in the area after the Prosphorion, which was the port of ancient Byzantium.

The harbour lay on the southern shore of the Golden Horn, east of today's Galata Bridge, in the sixth region of Constantinople. In the Ottoman Istanbul this area corresponded to the Bahçekapı ("Gate of the garden") neighborhood, located between the customs warehouses and the Abdülhamit Medrese: today the site belongs to the Mahalle of Bahcekapi in Eminönü, which is part of the Fatih district (the walled city) of Istanbul. The inlet where the basin once lay is now silted up, and is presently occupied by the ferry terminals to the Bosphorus, Kadiköy and Üsküdar.

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