Istanbul, Turkey


The SantralIstanbul (Turkish: Santral─░stanbul), opened in 2007, is an arts and cultural complex located at the upper end of Golden Horn in the Ey├╝p district of Istanbul, Turkey. The center, consisting of an energy museum, an amphitheater, concert halls and a public library, is situated within the Silahtara─ča campus of Istanbul Bilgi University that was formerly the first power station of the Ottoman Empire.

Arts, cultural, educational and social buildings of SantralIstanbul, having an area of 118,000 m┬▓, are all housed in the facilities of the former Silahtara─ča Power Station, which served from 1914 to 1983 for supplying Istanbul with electric power. The site is named after the Turkish word "santral" for power plant.

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