Selimiye Barracks

Istanbul, Turkey

Selimiye Barracks

Selimiye Barracks (Turkish: Selimiye Kışlası), also known as Scutari Barracks, is a Turkish Army barracks located in the Üsküdar district on the Asian part of Istanbul, Turkey. It was built first in 1800 by Sultan Selim III for the soldiers of the newly established Nizam-ı Cedid (literally "New Order") in frame of the Ottoman military reform efforts.

The initially wooden barracks was designed by Krikor Balyan. It was burnt down in 1806 by revolting Janissaries, who were against the reforms. Ordered by Sultan Mahmud II, rebuilding of the barracks in stone began in 1825 and it was completed on 6 February 1828. It is a gigantic rectangle building 200 m × 267 m (656 ft × 876 ft) with a large parade ground in the centre. The structure has three floors on three wings and two floors only on the eastern wing due to inclined terrain. During the reign of Sultan Abdülmecid I, the barracks were renovated twice, first in 1842–43 and again in 1849–50. During this process, a tower seven stories in height was added to each of the four corners, giving the barracks the look they have today.

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