Sinan Pasha Mosque (Istanbul)

Istanbul, Turkey

Sinan Pasha Mosque (Istanbul)

The Sinan Pasha Mosque (Turkish: Sinan Paşa Camii) is an Ottoman mosque located in a densely populated district of Beşiktaş, in Istanbul, Turkey. It was built by the Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan for the admiral Sinan Pasha. The türbe (tomb) of Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha is located just across the street.

The mosque was endowed by the Ottoman admiral Sinan Pasha who was the younger brother of the grand vizier Rüstem Pasha. The mosque was designed by the imperial architect Mimar Sinan. Sinan Pasha died in 1554 and work began after his death. The gilded Arabic foundation inscription above the arched gateway of the mosque records the completion date as November/December 1555. The Turkish inscription carved around the white marble fountain basin in the courtyard records the date as 1555–56.

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