Şişli Greek Orthodox Cemetery

Istanbul, Turkey

Şişli Greek Orthodox Cemetery

Şişli Greek Orthodox Cemetery (Turkish: Şişli Rum Ortodoks Mezarlığı), also known as Şişli Eastern Orthodox Cemetery, is a Christian cemetery in Istanbul, Turkey. The burial ground is the final resting place of people professing the Orthodox faith in Istanbul. The cemetery is located in Şişli district of Istanbul just across the Cevahir Mall.

The cemetery was founded in 1859, and consists mostly of Greek graves as well as other Orthodox nationalities and ethnoreligious groups such as Russians, Serbians, Bulgarians, Arab and Turkish/Turkic Christians. The burial ground occupies 52 acres (21 ha), and since its opening,a total of roughly 85,000 individuals have been interred at the site with 3-4 burials taking place weekly.

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