Süleymaniye Hamam

Istanbul, Turkey

Süleymaniye Hamam

Suleymaniye Hamam is an historic Turkish bath in İstanbul, Turkey. The building, situated on a hill facing the Golden Horn, was built in 1557 by Turkish architect Mimar Sinan; it was named for Süleyman the Magnificent. It is part of the Suleymaniye mosque complex.

The hamam was commissioned by Sultan Süleyman, ruler of the Ottoman Empire between 1520 and 1566. The building is lavishly arched and domed, with elaborate marble inlay work on the walls. Sulemaniye Hamam is a traditional bathhouse consisting of three sections: cold, lukewarm and hot. Temperatures in the hot section can reach 40-60 degrees Celsius (104-140 F). The hamam is still operating today and caters mainly to tourists. It is the only hamam in Istanbul where men and women bathe together. Male attendants, called tellak, cater to all the clients.

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