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Yeşilköy (Turkish pronunciation: [jeˈʃilcœj]; meaning "Green Village"; prior to 1926, San Stefano or Santo Stefano Greek: Άγιος Στέφανος, romanized: Ágios Stéfanos, Turkish: Ayastefanos) is a neighbourhood (Turkish: mahalle) in the district of Bakırköy, Istanbul, Turkey, on the Marmara Sea about 11 kilometres (7 mi) west of Istanbul's historic city centre. Before the rapid increase of Istanbul's population in the 1970s, Yeşilköy was merely a village and a sea resort.

The original name, San Stefano, in use until 1926, derives from a legend: in the early 13th century, the ship carrying Saint Stephen's relics to Rome from Constantinople, sacked by the crusaders of the Fourth Crusade, was forced to stop here because of a storm. The relics were taken to a church until the sea calmed, and this gave the name to the church and to the place. In 1926, the village was named Yeşilköy which means "Green Village" in Turkish. It is believed that the writer Halit Ziya Uşakligil who lived there at the time gave this new name to the village. It is still referred to as Сан Стефано in Bulgarian (bg).

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